Pure sine wave inverter could be taken as the city power so it is suitable to apply to the precise instruments, medical instruments, and health care systems.

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Portable Sine Wave Inverter - GF-12-2KNS, GF-24-2KNS

Drow's GP-2KNS sine wave power converter is a high-power model with leakage circuit safety function. The 2000W output power can supply 1/4 horsepower for the motor. It is suitable for use in air-conditioning and refrigerators with a mains voltage suitable for approximately 2 tons.

Portable Sine Wave Inverter - GP-12-1KNS, GP-24-1KNS

With the safety feature, when the voltage temperature is abnormal and dangerous, the protection device will be activated by itself.The 1000W sine wave is the best-selling sine wave inverter in Europe, US, and Japan, and is the most suitable sine wave power converter for advanced home appliances and precision instruments.

Pure Sine Wave and Solar Charger - GT-1000NS, GT-1500NS, GT-2000NS

Pure Sine Wave inverter with MPPT solar-charging.Design to power appliances for home, camping, engineering or emergency use. Built-in 5V/2.1A USB output with intelligent IC to charge cellphones and tablet PCs.

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