Company Profile


Drow enterprise is a leading manufacturer for all kinds DC to AC power inverters, solar inverters, power supply, battery chargers in Taiwan with 30 years experiences.

DROW Enterprise produces green and renewable energy in order to help decreasing problems associated with energy crisis and the greenhouse effect in the world. By partnering with the sun, our products will supply local power for residential, commercial, and industrial appliances without any environmental destruction. Genius Power is also the emergent power source when confronting the accidents, natural disasters and earthquakes. DROW possess excellent R&D team to make the new products quality keep on stable growth.

DROW was established since 1984. We specialize in manufacturing sine wave and modified sine wave DC to AC power inverters. Our "GENIUS" Brand is now successfully regarded as a major supplier in the field of solar inverters and UPS. Based on outstanding experience, we manufactured preferable solar related power products in order to make great effort for the environment protection. With the best quality, reliable price and innovate technology, our customers are assured to receive excellent services at all times! Our goal is to do our best to maximize the world energy effect d and will benefit our society and earth to provide perfect living environment and quality.

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