Super Jump Starter


GB-12-500CCA could jump start the vehicle more than 3000cc.

A portable power supply and super jump starter that built in a LED light and USB port


  • Battery Cilp Short Protection by Internal Fuse.
  • Easy Battery Cilp Storage by Hand.
  • Lighting And Flashing By 2W LED.
  • USB 2.1A Output With Smart Charging Controller.


  • Provide 5VDC power through the USB port to charge the mobile phone etc. LED light for emergency condition. Jump starter function.
  • Battery:
    1. Voltage: DC12V
    2. Capacity: 14AH
    3. Internal Resistance: 7mΩ(@25°C)
    4. Cold Cranking Ampere:400A
  • LED Lighting and Flashing: 2W
  • Smart USB Output: 2.1A
  • Internal Fuse: 500A
  • Dimension: L128 x W244 x H180mm
  • Weight: 6kgs
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