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30 Years of Multi-Stage in vehicle battery charger | DC to AC Power Inverter | Genius power

Based in Taiwan, Drow Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1984, is a manufacturer for all kinds of DC to AC power inverters, solar inverters, power supply, battery chargers. "GENIUS" Brand is a major supplier in the field of solar inverters and UPS, providing solar related power products in order to make great effort for the environment protection.

CE, E-Mark, RoHS, ETL. ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified DC to AC power Inverter, including solar inverters, power supply and battery chargers. The goal is to do our best to maximize the world energy effect d and will benefit our society and earth to provide perfect living environment and quality.

Genius power has been offering customers high-quality DC to AC power Inverter since 1984, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Genius powerensures each customer's demands are met.

Multi-Stage in vehicle battery charger

GW-3212 30A


  • Wide charging range (9-32V DC)
  • Buck-boost automatic voltage switching function
  • Up to 30A output
  • CC, CV and float charging modes
  • Lead-acid, AGM and gel battery charging settings
  • LCD screen shows battery type, power source, input voltage, battery voltage and charger current


  • Input Voltage(DCV): 9~32
  • Efficiency(%): 92%
  • OutputCharging Voltage(DCV): 14.1 / 14.4 / 14.7V(Switchable)
  • Charging Current Max. (DCA): 30A
  • Charging Mode
  • Stage 1: Constant Current(CC): Max.30A
  • Stage 2: Constant Voltage(CV): DC14.5V
  • Stage 3 Float Charging: DC13.3V
  • High Input Voltage Shutdown(DCV): >32V
  • Low Input Voltage Shutdown(DCV): <9V
  • Input Reverse Polarity: YES
  • Input Fuse(On PCB): YES
  • Over Temperature: YES
  • Output Over Current: YES
  • Output Short: YES
  • Output Reverse Polarity: YES
  • Safey Charger Connection: YES
Input/Output Terminal Type:
  • Charger Input (+)
  • Charger Input (-)
  • ACC (ON-OFF) Pin
  • Battery Connect (+)
  • Battery Connect (-)
LCD Display:
  • Charging Information
  • Battery Voltage
  • Charging Current
Heat Dissipation: By Fan
  • Temperature Control Fan: YES
  • Dimensions: L134*W180*H53mm
  • Net Weight: 0.4KGS
  • Standards: CE, E-Mark
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